1. Minneapolis, MN

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    Really glad this map points out The Damn K-Mart. Also I guess I used to live straddling the line between hipster and...
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    Ha. Perfect.
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    Currently a wannabe hipster. Soon to be either a rich artist who pretends to be poor or probably Republican. My new...
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    wannabe hipsters and unsupervised children need their drugs
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    This is true
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    10,000 Lakes
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    Perfect example of how white folks think of Minneapolis.
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    This is the best!
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    humans piled in concrete silos & the college students used to be my delivery area for toppers… yikes.
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    that fucking kmart tho
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    in theory i’m a rich artist who pretends to be poor but in reality i’m an unemployed business grad. same thing.
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    I live somewhere between “Real Hipsters” and “renters who can’t afford south Minneapolis.”
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